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Civics 101 Podcasters Hannah McCarthy and Nick Capodice discuss "A USERS GUIDE TO DEMOCRACY"

           In this year of political drama please join us as Hannah McCarthy and Nick Capodice hosts of NHPR's Civics 101 podcast sign and discuss their book we all need now (and let us hope always in the future), "The User's Guide To Democracy".  With illustrations by New Yorker cartoonist Tom Toro, the book is a lively crash course in everything you should know about how the US government works. Do you know what the Secretary of Defense does all day? Are you sure you know the difference between the House and the Senate? Have you been pretending you know what Federalism is for the last 20 years? Don't worry--you're not alone. The American government and its processes can be dizzyingly complex and obscure. Until now. Within this book are the keys to knowing what you're talking about when you argue politics with the uncle you only see at Thanksgiving. It's the book that sits on your desk for quick reference when the nightly news boggles your mind. This approachable and informative guide gives you the lowdown on everything from the three branches of government, to what you can actually do to make your vote count, to how our founding documents affect our daily lives. Now is the time to finally understand who does what, how they do it, and the best way to get them to listen to you. 

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Date: 03/09/2024
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Balin Books
375 Amherst St.
Somerset Plaza
Nashua, NH 03063-1216