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Maggie Thrash photo

Maggie Thrash signing and discussing her novel Rainbow Black

Please join us as New Hampshire author Maggie Thrash discusses and signs her new novel "Rainbow Black".

The setting, the time: New Hampshire, the 1980s, a society roiled by the proliferation of suppressed memories true, false, and in-between. The characters: two young teens sexuality uncertain, parents convicted of child abuse arising from suppressed memories, and a host of others there  more to hinder than to help. Maggie Thrash shies away from nothing with her compelling storytelling. 

Lacey Bond is a 13-year-old girl in New Hampshire growing up in the tranquility of her hippie parents’ rural daycare center. 

 Then the Satanic Panic hits. It’s the summer of 1990 when Lacey ’s parents are handcuffed, flung into the county jail, and faced with a torrent of jaw-dropping accusations as part of a mass hysteria sweeping the nation. When a horrific murder brings Lacey to the breaking point, she makes a ruthless choice that will haunt her for decades.

 As an adult, Lacey mimes a normal life as the law clerk of an illustrious judge. She has a beautiful girlfriend, a measure of security, and the world has mostly forgotten about her. But after a tiny misstep spirals into an uncontrolled legal disaster, the hysteria threatens to begin all over again.

 Rainbow Black is an addictive, searing, high-octane triumph, an imaginative tour de force about one woman’s tireless desire to be free.

Maggie Thrash is the author of the critically acclaimed graphic memoirs Honor Girl (a Los Angeles Times Book Prize nominee) and Lost Soul, Be At Peace, as well as two novels for young adults. Rainbow Black is her adult debut. Born and raised in Atlanta, she lives in New Hampshire

Date: 04/27/2024
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Balin Books
375 Amherst St.
Somerset Plaza
Nashua, NH 03063-1216